Thursday, January 20, 2011

Top 3 Party/Club Colognes!

I know you brahs want to pull in girls but some of you are socially retarded (somewhat like me), so wearing a really good cologne will definitely break the ice.  Girls notice this kinda shit a lot, either some random girl will comment on it and you can go from there or you can approach someone you've been eyeing, she might get interested.

Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit De L'Homme.  My favorite cologne.  I wear this at night time, and seriously every girl comments on it, even some guys, no homo.  This is great for clubs as well, it has a sweet smell to it and lasts me at least 8-9 hours.  I swear this has some sort of chemical that makes women wanna jump on me.  A female friend of mine keeps asking what I wear so she can get it for her boyfriend, I told her if you want to bang, just say so shorday ;)

Paco Rabanne 1 Million.  This cologne is getting a lot of attention lately.  My friend has this, so I bought a little tester to try it out.  It is sort of similar to the YSL La Nuit De L'Homme, but I wouldn't rate this higher than YSL, although it lasts MUCH longer than the YSL.  It has a woody/spicy scent to it, yet very sweet.  Comes in a gold bar packaging, very unique.  Aparently, there's another version of the packaging which is dipped in gold, worth $57,000.  Ha !  

Yves Saint Laurent Body Kouros.  Very unique fragrance.  Very cheap, not many people know about this for some reason.  I've never seen this in any stores I've been to either, so no one's going to smell like you if you have it on.  It has a different kind of smell, like a vanilla/cotton candy/honey scent.  Lasts around 5 hours.  Don't like the bottle, the bottom is weird, tips over quite a bit.  But it does smell very good, females love it as well.  $30 


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  4. It *may* be discontinued, but Very Sexy by Victoria Secret is one of the best party scents ever.

  5. very handy guide to colognes! saved to hard drive for future reference, may even show my kids one day!

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  6. It's proven that both males and females are attracted to certain scents and pheromones and in the right combination can act as a powerful aphrodisiac. Give it a few more years and modern cologne makers will have it down so well those commercials might finally be true.

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  7. Haha to Leo. And I want some reviews on something that has pheromones in it or something (for women, of course).

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  8. Nice post def gotta try one of these. I just made a post about clubbing in my blog too...could maybe come in handy lol

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